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[S09736] Va. Historic Marriage Register Rockingham County Marriages 1778-1850 by Dorthie and Edwin C. Kirkpatrick

[S12840] The Shelby County Book

[S13056] 1860 Bath County Census

[S10917] Associators & Militia County of Cumberland

[S14231] Karin English

[S12515] Fayette County IL Marriages Volume 8, page 47

[S12418] Fayette County IL Marriage Index 1821-1874 Old Book B

[S10921] Let the Drums Roll Veterans and Patriots of the Rev. War who settled in Maury County, TN

[S10817] Rockbridge County marriages and births Bk #1, Page #221.

[S09749] Bath County Marriage License

[S12533] Pollock, Phillip Arlo; GENFORUM

[S10822] Abstracts from Will Book 6 (1854-1876) of Bath Co, VA

[S12428] Ohio Death Index 1958-1969, Update

[S10075] 1850 Census Rockbridge County, VA FHC # 444,963

[S09860] Va. County Records Rockbridge County Births 1853-1877 abstracted by Dorthie and Edwin Kirkpatrick, Volume 1

[S08576] Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia extracted from the original court records of Augusta County 1745-1800.

[S10934] AF95-107776 by Neidholdt, Sandra

[S10930] Ginger of Hardin County, IL Revised 1986

[S10185] Information on Annie Ginger from Wayne Coffey

[S11037] History of Pocahontas County by W.T. Price, Published 1901

[S11792] Marriage License, Copy

[S10083] WFT Vol O3 File # 0283

[S13294] The Rider-Ryder Families of Virginia by Gordon James Ryder

[S10941] Ginger of Hardin County,

[S11786] Bath County Marriage Register

[S10087] IGI Version 4.00 Batch #8828003 29 Source # 1553285

[S11148] Bath County Marriage Bonds and Ministers" Returns 1791-1853

[S11161] The 11th Virginia Cavalry, The Virginia Regimental Histories Series, by Richard L. Armstrong

[S10093] 1870 Census Index Va, Vol ii E-K Precison Indexing. Series 593, Roll 1675

[S12233] 1850 Census, Bath County, Virginia

[S10951] Ginger, Joseph E.; Family Group Sheets

[S14055] 1800 Census Highland County

[S10097] Morton, Oren F. History of Rockbridge County, Va. The McClure Company Inc. 1920

[S11061] History of Knapps Creek Community by Enid Harper in 1924, Pocahontas Times Newspaper

[S10848] 1800 Census Index, NC, AIS

[S10103] Kirkpatrick. Rockbridge County, Virginia Births 1853-1877 Vol 1. 975.5852 V21. Iberian

[S10852] 1820 Census Index TN, AIS

[S11603] The Bicentennial History of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1991 by The Bath County Historical Society.

[S12353] Sandra Benham

[S12244] Bath County Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns by Metheny & Wise

[S81477] Highland County, Virginia VaGenWeb Page, Genealogies of Pioneer Families

[S12571] Sorenson, Carol Rolene; Ancestral File

[S13962] Doris Martin (

[S03585] M. Ginger

[S12361] 1870 Census Shelby County, IL

[S10007] Betty Shackleford

[S10116] Ginger, Tom; Letter Nov. 7, 1998

[S12257] Melshirl@aol.comm

[S10119] WFT Vol 09 File #1042

[S10337] Pocahontas County, Virginia (Now West Virginia) Marriage Bonds 1822-1852 and Minister's Returns 1822-1871

[S11623] Rockbridge County Virginia Death Register, 1853-1870, Ruby, 1991 Iberian Publishing

[S11088] Fightin' Tom Rosser, CSA by Willard K. and Dean Bushong 1983

[S10125] 1880 Census Fayette County, IL

[S14087] Death Certificate

[S10771] Bath County-Virginia-Will Book #6, Page 174

[S12481] WFT Vol 13 File # 3217

[S10131] 1850 Census Fayette County, IL

[S01142] Dwight Tetrick

[S10347] Emma Jo L. Davis

[S12168] Virginia State Dept. of Health Birth Cerificate #145-82-069422

[S11099] 1853 Register of Deaths - Bath County Circuit Court, Line 45

[S10136] Ibid.

[S10993] Shirley Hunt

[S12174] Virginia State Dept. of Health Birth Cerificate #145-80-040630

[S10143] 1880 Census Bath County, Virginia

[S13888] Andrew Payton Robertson

[S12180] Virginia State Dept. of Health Birth Cerificate #145-54-046064

[S13999] LDS Microfilm of Bath County Marriage Register 1853-1896

[S13466] Betty Hangel

[S10150] 1870 Census Bath County, Virginia

[S10688] Obituary, Daily News-Record, Oct. 21, 1997, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

[S11116] Statement in the Ginger Family

[S10797] Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants 100, 1848,

[S11009] Mris. Rollie Harris Jr., Vandalia

[S10368] Patty J. Woodzell

[S02882] United States Direct Tax of 1798

[S11870] Marriage Bond, Copy

[S12188] Marriage License, Copy #158

[S10696] 1900 Census, Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County, Virginia

[S14334] ae19.FTW

[S14228] James E. Ginger

[S12197] Copy of Adoption Record


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